Stump Grinding

Affordable Stump Grinding Services in Ohio, Indiana & Kentucky

Powell Equipment Services provides fast, courteous stump grinding services in the southeastern Indiana area at an affordable price! We can remove that unsightly tree stump in the center of your yard without tearing up your property. Powell Equipment Services Stump Grinding is your first choice for stump grinding in the Tri-State area!

Do you want to get rid of stumps without ripping up your property with heavy equipment? Try digging one out yourself and you won’t look forward to the second! Stump grinding is the answer.

Why use Powell Equipment Services to remove your tree stumps?

  • Tree stumps can be very dangerous to remove
  • We use zero chemicals to remove tree stumps so it will be safe for children and pets
  • You avoid labor-intensive digging
  • Stump grinding creates valuable mulch
  • You recover lost yard space for leisure or landscaping purposes

Our Stump Grinding Services Feature:Attachments for sale

  • Stump Removal - Any Size
  • Equipment Grinds 12 Inches Under Ground
  • Affordable and Reliable Service
  • Fully Insured and Family Operated
  • Equipment is Lawn Friendly

Full Service Stump Grinding:

  • Grind the Tree Stump
  • Remove the waste from the yard
  • Fill in the hole with topsoil
  • Seed & Straw the affected area